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Ready to Enroll?

EGIA Finance has a new, improved, and streamlined system for enrolling in a finance program or multiple programs. Many programs require similar information and business documentation so we created a centralized hub to make your experience easier.

Step #1:

Complete the Application Form in its entirety.
Items with an asterisk (*) are required fields and necessary to complete any finance enrollment application.

Step #2:

Copy of Licenses and Insurances required by state and 12 Months P&L at minimum.
You may be asked for additional business documentation in order to complete your application or finalize your enrollment.

Step #3:

Submit the application.
Our enrollment team will begin the review process. They will contact you if additional information is needed to finalize your enrollment application.

Step #4:

Each application will have an email instruction to complete the dealer agreement and provide banking details as dictated by the finance program.
Each program has an agreement that is between the dealer and the finance provider that needs to be completed prior to being enrolled.

Step #5.

Upon approval, you will be contacted to complete training to fully activate your dealer number and being submitting applications.